Dodge City Salami

$ 32.99

A bold pork salame made with fennel pollen and pink peppercorns, Dodge City is affectionally named after the neighborhood nickname of Smoking Goose’ first location in Indianapolis.

This homage to their origins, in charcuterie form, is a simple but superbly flavorful salami with the decided licorice-like flavor of fennel. Smoking Goose sources their pork from small local Indiana farms with a commitment to sustainable and natural practices, 100% vegetarian fed, antibiotic free pork raised with no growth hormones, and that shows in the rich, natural flavor of the meat. They artfully dry and cure their salame, making the most of those flavors, developing and coaxing them out slowly, naturally. Flavor note: Dodge City is for those with a preference for intense flavors! Slice Dodge City thinly and pair with greens for an appetizer, serve on a charcuterie or antipasto platter, or cut into cubes, skewer and use an alternative cocktail garnish.

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