Maplebrook Burrata 8oz

$ 12.99

Country: VT USA
Rennet: Vegetarian 
Treatment/Milk : Cow


One of mankind's highest achievements (and guiltiest pleasures!) in the medium of curds and cream. What's the difference between burrata and mozarella
? Burrata is made from fresh mozzarella curd, which is kneaded and stretched before being formed into a pouch-like shape. The cheesemakers at Maplebrrok farm then fill the middle with a mixture of thick heavy cream and strings of mozzarella called "stracciatella." The result is a sweet, decadent, and buttery cream that oozes forth when cut into, perfect to eat as an appetizer, on pizza, or with other recipes.

Recipe Suggestions: caprese salad, peaches, grilled asparagus, honey and strawberries

Pairing Suggestions: Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, wheat beers

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